Problem Sets - Chem 1411

EXAM II - Chapters 7 - 8

Chapter 7 - Atomic Theory - Concept of Atomic Models

Bohr Concentric Ring Model

EMR Wave Variable Problems

Wave Energy Problems

Waves & Energy

Chapter 8 - Electron Configurations and Reactivity of Elements

Schrodinger Quantum Model

Quantum Numbers Worksheet

Quantum Numbers Worksheet  (Answers)

Aufbau Diagrams - Order of Filling Diagrams

Electron Configurations Worksheet I

Electron Configurations Worksheet II

NOTE: The above link shows two Aufbau Diagrams. Both of the above diagrams are essentially the same, in that filling is from lowest available energy level to higher energy level. Some authors prefer listing the order diagram bottom up while others list it top down. Never the less, both are the same in application.