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Chemistry 1412 - Spring 2018

Dr. J. A. Pelezo

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Chem 1412  Lab Activity Agenda

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Chem 1412 Laboratory Studies in General Chemistry II

Pre-Lab Safety & Grading Protocol for Chem 1412:

1. Accuracy and Precision in Experimental Data (Methods Development - Instructor Guided Lab)

2. Studying Chemical Reactions in Solution (Background Document)

Lab Activities

Solutions and Solution Phase Reactions

V-Lab I:

Acid-Base Titration (ACIDBASE.DLL)

P-Lab II:

Part I:  Calibration of Standard NaOH(aq) Solution

Part II:  Calibration of a Standard HCl(aq) Solution with Calibrated NaOH(aq) Solution

The Lab Report - Instructor Guided

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