Chem 1412 PowerPoint Presentations

Solution Preparation and Solution Phase Reactions

Chemical Kinetics - Study of Rate of Reaction

Chemical Equilibrium - Study of Extent of Reaction

Theories of Aqueous Acid and Base Solutions

Analytical Analysis of Strong Acid and Strong Base Solutions

Weak Acid and Weak Base Equilibrium

Common Ion Effect in Acid and Base Solutions

Analysis of Acid/Base Titration Reactions

Solubility Product Equilibrium

First Law of Thermodynamics - Energy Change in Chemical and Physical Process

Second Law of Thermodynamics - Entropy Change in Chemical and Physical Process

Concept of Free Energy and Feasibility of Chemical and Physical Process

Electrochemistry - Electrolysis

Electrochemistry - Galvanic/Voltaic Process

Nuclear Chemistry - Radioactivity

Nuclear Chemistry - Kinetics of Radioactive Decay

Nuclear Chemistry - Nuclear Energy