Doc's Chemistry Tutorial

Chemistry 1411 - Summer 2017

Dr. J. A. Pelezo

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Chem 1411 Activity Schedule

Chem 1411 Smr I 2017

June 5 - June 15

June 5


Course Syllabus

- Student Profile Form

- Seating Assignments

Intro Lecture

-Study of Chemistry

-The Science of   Measurement

Lab Check-in

-Lab Station Assignments

-Background on Lab I

June 6

Quiz I &2– Sci Mtd and Measurement

Lecture – Continue Lect I – Measurement

- Begin Ch 2 Orgzn of    Chem Study

Lab – Statistical Analysis of Experimental Data – Accuracy and Precision

Worksheets and Homework will be assigned as class progresses.

June 7

LabQuiz 1 – Accuracy & Precision in Scientific Measurement.


– Continue Lecture of    Orgzn of Chem Study.

Lab - Background and Demo on Lab II => Determining the %Water in a Salt Hydrate.

June 8

Quiz 3 & 4 – Remaining Topics in Organization of Chem Study.

Lecture – Intro to Chemical Reactions

Lab- %Water in Salt Hydrate.

LAB I WRITE-UP DUE. Will be checked while conducting Lab II. Note: Incomplete Write-ups will not be graded.

June 12

Lab Quiz II - %Water in Hydrate Lab

Lecture – Continue Chem Rxns.

Lab: Class Workshop => Metathesis Reactions

June 13

Quiz 5 – Intro to Chem Reactions

Quiz 6 – Metathesis Rxns

Lecture – Ch 3: Intro to Chem Stoichiometry

Lab – Workshop Chem Stoichiometry. Type Problems.

June 14

Quiz 7 – Stoichiometry of Chem Process

Lecture – Continue Stoichiometry of Chem Process.

Lab: Class Demonstration

Reaction Titration and Solution Phase Reactions.

(Student lab will be Monday June 19.

June 15


Chapters 1 - 4 of Class Lecture Outline

- Sci Method & Science of    Measurement

-Organization of Chem   Study

-Chemical Reactions and   Equatins

-Stoichiometry of   Chemical Process